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 My oldest son Sutton is 5. He recently had a FANG emerge after he lost his first baby tooth. Presently, he is very into wolves so he was not too thrown off by this development & I do mean DRACULA Development in his gorgeous little mouth. This SHARK TOOTH was front & center. I don’t want anyone to confuse it with an extra pointy canine. We were alarmed that this was a peg central tooth… which meant that there could be other fangs (peg teeth) lurking nearby… which also meant that there was a real chance that we would have to have baby veneers (not sure if this is a real thing because I was too devastated to google it) followed by adult veneers.

 There is a happy ending to Sutton’s Shark Tooth Tale… Praise Be! My Darling Dracula had a bonus tooth. This is apparently pretty rare & also rare that it falls perfectly into place where your “NORMAL” tooth should be. It sometimes grows up right through the Nasal Cavity!!! We might have been dealing with a RIGHTEOUS RHINO & a whole other set of problems!

 Sutton has had the FANG removed & the other front tooth along with it. Get excited about our “All I Want for Christmas is My Two Front Teeth” Christmas Cards coming at you in just a few short months!

 XOXOXO- The Gift Shop Girl

 *Big Thanks to Small Bites Pediatric Dentistry for fixing our Sutton up!

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  • Aleah on

    This is great! I’m glad Sutton won’t have to have baby veneers 🤣🤣🤣

  • Tammy D on

    What an adventure for our Lawrence Sutton! I cannot wait to read what you have to write tomorrow!! Under his eye.

  • Romona Weatherford on

    Love to hear and see pictures of your precious family.

  • Dana Morris on

    I love seeing these adorable pictures of Sutton and reading about his famous tooth!! So hope to see Sutton’s Christmas card❤️

  • Paige T on

    LOVE IT!!!

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