I am a music lover... so in times of distress I often turn to music. I can go through lists of songs that have helped me get through different seasons in my life. When fear &/or anxiety hits – often times they are hymns or children’s songs that we would sing in choir or bible school. 

 “HE’S GOT THE WHOLE WORLD IN HIS HANDS” is the one I have been singing on & off in my head or loud & proud for my children a LOT lately. There is obviously the connection of hands (I assure you his are clean) but there is something so reassuring in the promise that these lyrics hold. 

 When Sutton was a newborn… I would sing this song to him & tear up time after time with thanksgiving & awe of the beautiful gift God had given me. I felt a closeness to our Lord & felt his presence - more than ever before. My Mom was a little concerned because we stayed in his nursery rocking & snuggling for 8 entire weeks. Mom was worried because (if you don’t personally know me) I am always on the go & super involved in lots of things! I have a lot of friends & love being busy... so it was kind of a shock to my Mom & Dad that I didn’t want to leave the house.

There was no postpartum ~ I was just happier than I had ever been & didn’t want to miss a second of Sutton Snuggles or watching him grow. Those 8 weeks & the 8 weeks I had at home with Logan were 16 of the best weeks of my entire life. It was like the world stopped & it was just us. It was wonderful.

As we are facing 8 potential weeks of Social Distancing & perhaps Quarantine I am looking forward to this extra time with our kids at home. I may actually get to clean out some closets & we may even get the Christmas tree down! 

 I think we all need to be cautious & careful. I pray that this will all be over soon. I pray for all of our health care workers, first responders, & our leaders. I pray for our economy & our small businesses. I pray for the elderly, the sick, & everyone that is living on the margin. I also pray that once the storm passes we will come out better & stronger as individuals & a nation on the other side of this.

 Rachel & Dave Hollis (2 of my favorite authors & inspirational speakers, motivators, entrepreneurs & influencers) are challenging their community to intentionally choose joy during this time & I would like to extend that challenge to you all. As Dave posted yesterday… “ Joy is contagious ~ So Is Kindness Hope & Love. Reach for joy, Be kind. Stay hopeful. Love one another. “

 There is so much uncertainty right now but one thing I am certain of is that our God DOES INDEED have THE WHOLD WORLD & you & me & the babies & our brothers & sisters in his hands!!!!

 Peace, Love, Joy, Health, Hope & Prosperity to you & yours!
Xoxoxo, The Gift Shop Girl

 p.s. The Gift Shop will remain OPEN for now. We will be delivering &/or offering curbside service. Also, we are still shipping out daily & our website is available 24/7. Please SHOP SMALL right now!

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