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I have a NEW friend. This NEW friend & her husband & her children stopped by unexpectedly the other night to bring us homemade cookies. I highlight NEW because I like for my friends to have known me for at least a good 6 months (that way they have time to know & Come to Love all of my admirable & wonderful qualities) before they are ushered into the TRAIN WRECK that is my HOUSE!

Now, there are those of you who will say…

“I understand. I have been there.” 

“My children were once small too…”   

Our house is Lived IN.”

You see, my house is more than “Lived In”… it’s more like a children’s toy & clothing store was hit by a tornado & then NO ONE ever came to the rescue! Toss in a few dirty dishes and a still standing Christmas tree (that is a whole other post!) & you may begin to get an idea of what I am talking about.

My grandparents built the house that we now live in and my dear Grandmother was the neatest of neat freaks. My prayer is that when she is looking down on us from Heaven that she cannot see the Great Hot Mess that was once her pristine home but that she can feel the Love & Laughter that emanates from it… because (redeemably) there is a LOT of that!!!

I am busy & I do mean busy… but more than that I HATE to clean, I don’t like to fold clothes, I don’t enjoy anything that relates to housework! I don’t like to dust or vacuum or mop either! There... I said it!

I would like to say that I don’t have time, but I am a firm believer that we make time for the things that we WANT to make time for. I NEVER turn down dinner with friends or breakfast with my Mom. I always make time to take the boys to do whatever they want to do.

Another excuse I use is… “What is the point?” Everything that I TRY to do around the house becomes undone in a matter of minutes… the boys like to use the hampers to hide in & the toys will be redistributed around the house in no time flat!

In an ideal world, I would have full time help OR simply a desire to put things away! However, this is NOT an ideal world & not at the top of my list of GOALS for 2020 either. So… for now, I will be enjoying my family & chocolate chip cookies in my Catastrophic Crib & if you want to visit me on Cleaner & Calmer ground you can always catch me at The Gift Shop between 10 (or 10:30) & 5.

 XOXOXOXO, The Gift Shop Girl

P.S. The new friend was totally gracious about the messy house & will be invited back for more messy fun soon!

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  • Paige Thompson on


  • Fara Bottoms on

    qOh. My. Heavens. This is so true! If the “new friend” is any kind of southern girl, she will have left your house saying to herself, ‘Boy, she is a jewel, and I think that house can be saved, bless her heart’. Hang in there and know it’ll be alright tomorrow! Any time someone pulls in my driveway, I throw the disclaimer out: why don’t you come on inside? This place is no Pinterest….. we LIVE here, and my kids are happy!

    Love you!

  • Cassandra Goodgame on

    Best post ever! And more true than anything I have ever heard. Love you!

  • Aretha Christian on

    You don’t know how much this sounds like me as well!!! ❤❤❤ Keep posting love, I’m subscribing!!!!

  • Aretha Christian on

    You don’t know how much this sounds like me as well!!! ❤❤❤ Keep posting love, I’m subscribing!!!!

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